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Dandelion Fields

I have changed location to Aurora, Ontario for now

Express Your Creativity Through Gifts 

Turn Your Gift Ideas Into Reality

Choosing the best gift for your loved ones can be stressful and time-consuming. If you’re looking for something special to give, you might want to browse my selection of personalized gift baskets! These gifts are for everyday use, carefully made, and with useful things everyone will surely love.  Now I have for you is expression bears, with the little signs you can add to them with your thoughts on them.

Don’t have enough time to create a personalized gift by yourself? Let Speak Your Basket By Theresa do it for you! I ship my items anywhere in Canada. Please contact me for special requests! Please allow at least 48 hours for any gift basket, thank you


Mission Statement

Speak Your Basket By Theresa aims to create personalized gift baskets that represent how you feel with your purpose of giving.  I want to offer a fantastic opportunity for our customers to provide gifts for their loved ones, friends, and those in need. 


A Little More About Me 

I make celebrations more enjoyable by delivering personalized gift items.   I provide gift baskets that your, friend, family member, spouse, or someone in need will appreciate.  I remember a time in my life as a young single mother, when I needed that little bit of hope that I will get by, and when I was given just a little of some basic needs, and some pantry items, to get me by, I felt a load lifted.  Or even on special occasions receiving a gift in the mail was absolutely exciting!!   Speak Your Basket By Theresa will fancy it up for you, with ribbon and bow, a delightful and useful basket ! 

Don't have the time to put things together, or your loved one is far away..

My value to you is not the chocolates or fancy cookies, but inside the baskets, you can find useful items and accessories!  My goal is to provide meaning behind your gift that offers every day basic needs and for the home. Starting out in a new place is always overwhelming.  Keeping family closer, wherever they are

When is the Right time..

I think there does not have to be a special occasion to give, but for when you feel that someone can appreciate a little help.  Even if you are feeling a little under the weather, and cannot get out there to find something, Speak Your Basket By Theresa is there for you!

I can customize it for the needs required!

Gifted for the season, Birthday, any occasion!

 Whatever your needs are, there is a gift basket that suits your preference!  We have an online store, but I am also planning to have a physical store. To learn more about what I offer, please visit our Products page or contact us. 

Like my page and share if you like what my service provides and the basket you had gifted or received , thank you!

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